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Protective Facemask Reusable with interchangeable filters

Interchangeable protective facemask made of textile fibres with a treatment against bacteria* and washable, with changeable paper filter for a major filter security.

Textile characteristics:
Sterilized textile with vapour treatment at 100ºC.
Elastic textile adaptable to the face form for a total covering of nostrils, mouth and chin adjustment.
Textile tested according to Standard UNE-EN ISO 20743:2014

Filter paper characteristics:
Filter paper to be introduced into the inside compartment of the facemask for a major protection.
Filter paper of one sole use and recyclable (not reusable).
Filter paper tested according to Standard UNE-EN ISO 10993-5:2009 and UNE-EN ISO 9237.


1. How to put on the facemask:
Fold the filter on itself, and introduce into the compartment
Adjust the mask on the face.

2. How to clean and maintain the facemask:
It is recommended not to exceed 8 hours of continuous wearing.
After this time, take off the filter paper and dispose it as sanitary waste, wash the facemask with water and detergent at 40ºC to eliminate the rests of waste and/or microorganisms. Once it is dry, add a new filter paper following the initial instructions and use it again.

* It contains silver adsorbed on silicon dioxide, included in the official list of active substances of the Chemical European Agency (ECHA) according to Art. 95 of Regulation (EU) 528/2012 (BPR) for fibres treatment, PT9.

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